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Artist Statement

As a first-generation Cuban American filmmaker, I explore cinematic stories through a unique cultural lens. My films unravel human experiences through specificity, capturing the connection between humanity and its ability to adapt to changing environments. I am deeply committed to collaboration, particularly with poets and writers, to infuse diverse perspectives and local knowledge into my films. By fusing the visual and literary arts, I seek to document the impact of climate change and delve into the emotional and cultural dimensions of this shared human experience.

Film / Video Editing

Over the past decade, I have accumulated extensive post-production video editing expertise, contributing my skills to reputable production companies such as CBS, and the Discovery Channel and collaborating with prominent outdoor brands like MeatEater and Sitka. My role has encompassed the comprehensive editing, color grading, and sound mixing of a diverse range of content, spanning from concise documentary-style pieces to intricate long-form narratives and engaging comedic social media videos. This rich and varied experience has honed my proficiency in bringing visual and auditory elements together, ensuring a seamless and compelling final product. 


Whether it's editing vlogs, tutorials, or entertaining content, I am dedicated to delivering polished and emotionally compelling videos. I edit content for a variety of brands and media outlets, and I am committed to staying abreast of trends and the ever-evolving landscape of online content, ensuring that my work remains relevant and impactful in the dynamic world of YouTube. 

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